Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Official Peace Corps Volunteer

Today, my sister was officially sworn in as a Peace Corps volunteer. It is more of an exciting moment than I expected it to be!

My sister messaged me on Viber yesterday, and she told me she would be sworn in as a volunteer later that day. She gave me the link that was going to stream the ceremony just in case I wanted to watch. However, she mentioned that it wouldn't be on until 2 am Eastern Standard time (2 pm Filipino time). She seemed really excited about it, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get up for it since I'm pretty selfish and like to sleep. But I set my alarm anyways.

I'm so glad I woke up. The ceremony itself reminded me of a college graduation, but it was so cool to watch my sister speak Tagalog and perform a skit where she sang! That's one thing I really love about technology. The fact that I can watch my sister, on the other side of the world, accomplish one of the biggest moments in her life is definitely a benefit of technology.

I messaged when it was over letting her know I had woken up for, and watched, the whole ceremony. She was genuinely excited that someone had watched it. It makes me really sad though that I considered sleeping through it. How often is she going to do something like that again? Probably, never. So, even though she is 12 time zones away I'm glad it felt like I was there with her.

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