Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Cleveland Flea

Last Saturday my friend, Megan, and I went to The Cleveland Flea. I’ve been wanting to go for months because it combines my love for vintage/antiques/handmade goods and Cleveland. However, it only occurs on the first Saturday of every month (luckily the second this month because of 4th of July), so it was hard to find someone to go with me. I was so excited I was finally able to go.
It was really small but I imagine now that it’s becoming more popular it will grow. They had a variety of everything, including local food including iced coffees, food trucks, and popsicles! It was cool walking around and seeing everything but hard since I’m living at home I had to be realistic about what I could buy.
I ended up buying a pair of earrings, an old makeup case, and a pair of shoes. I truly believe I was born in the wrong decade.
Funny story: As my friend and I were walking around we went to one booth and there was a girl there and she kept looking at us. I was kind of weirded out at first so I didn’t want to stay at the booth. Later on we were getting food at the food truck and the girl was standing next to us. Finally, she asks, “Are you a substitute teacher?” I said, “Yes.” She tells me I was her sub at one of the middles schools. I thought she looked familiar when I first saw her, but I didn’t think anything of it. It was the second time that week someone told me I was there sub. Oh, what a small world Cleveland is.


  1. This looks like fun! It looks like there are a lot more vintage items at this one than the one I went to in Cincinnati this month.

  2. I wanted to go to the one in Cinci when we lived there but never got around to it. This looks like so much fun! There are a few flea markets in between Dayton and Cinci (is that the same type thing?), but I haven't made my way to those either...this makes me want to go. I have only run into students I subbed for once and I live far enough away from the school that I'm at that I have only seen a student out and about one time, too. Luckily you looked super cute! I was in sweats and had my hair all crazy one of the times, lol.


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