Friday, August 3, 2012

Cleveland Parks: Chapin Forest

One thing I love about Cleveland is the amount of awesome parks around. I decided that I'm going to go to the different parks and then post pictures about them. This also will kill about 15 birds with one stone. It will allow me to stay active because I will be able to walk my dog. I will be able to complete some of my 23 before 24 list. I'll also be able to get more practice in on my new DSLR camera. One of the things I love about parks is that they each have their own personalities.

The first park I went to was Chapin Forest, which is part of Lake Metroparks in Kirtland, Ohio. I actually went here twice already because I decided I wanted to take pictures and blog about them. One thing I love about this park is the fact that there is a scenic overlook that allows you to see the lake and downtown Cleveland! It also has really cool ledges, which I wish I could have taken more pictures of. It is super hard to take good pictures when you're holding onto a dog that keeps moving every which way, but luckily I got her to be a little patient with me!

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  1. ooooh, so pretty. There may be something I'd like about Cleveland.


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