Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last Days of Work

I officially ended my last day at work yesterday. The past two weeks since I officially put in my two weeks had been so emotional. I received so many words of praise and encouragement from not only the residents but also the staff. It made me feel a little guilty because I would complain that I hated my job. I didn't really hate it, I actually loved most of the staff I worked with, but I just always felt I was bound for better things since I had a college degree. I had worked there for 3 years! I can't believe it. Unfortunately, I had worked there part time for most of it, so I never got to forge the friendships that I eventually had until the end when I accepted the full time position in April. 

The past two days were extra emotional. I saw residents and staff start to cry when we said "good-bye." I gave about five dozen hugs, and I'm not even a hugging person. I received cards of thanks from residents, and words of gratitude from staff. I also cried. I have always been a hard-worker. It's just in my nature. However, the past few days have really shown me that even though I may not feel like what I am doing is being noticed, it really is.

Writing this post is making me emotional. I can't go back and change my attitude on days that it was off. That is over and done. But I can hold onto the good memories and hope that I will be just as lucky in my next job.

Good-bye, LSOP. It has been a good three years.


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