Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Rubber Stamp

I've been really loving stamps lately. I've seen a lot of tutorials on how to make them. I really want to try a more advanced version, but right now I don't want to pay for the supplies to do it. I also want to make some small ones out of corks from wine bottles, but I don't have any just yet. Today, I decided to make this easy version. It gave me inspiration to make more, possible with my initials, etc.
First, choose which image you want to use. You can print it out or trace it like I did. I used a doily because they are super easy to see through. I cut it out and then traced the outline with a pencil on an eraser.
I then cut it out slowly with an exacto-knife. Be very careful when cutting out the image because you are using a sharp object. It is more difficult when you first start cutting around the edges. It will become easier and the eraser will start peeling away. Also, be careful when removing around slim edges, such as the ends of the mustache. They are more prone to ripping off.
Then go ahead and use your stamp any way you like!


  1. hahahaha it's a mustache! This is awesome! Have you ever heard of letterboxing? It's kind of like geocaching. People hide a personalized stamp they've made along with a "passport" and give you clues to find it, then when you find it you stamp their passport with your own personalized stamp and you stamp your passport with their personalized stamp! It's a little dorky but so much fun- Dave and I used to do it all the time in Spring Grove but we didn't have awesome personalized stamps. This website is the best one where people post the most clues:

    1. I've never heard of it! But it sounds awesome! I want to do it!


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