Friday, January 20, 2012

First Visit Since Leaving

Today I went back and visited the school I did my internship at. It also just so happened that they had the student of the week lunch from last quarter today. This meant free pizza. I'm not complaining. It was so strange to be walking to the school like I did every day for 4 months. My mentor teacher was so happy to see me and one of my favorite students couldn't believe I came back. He kept doing these weird movements like he was in disbelief.

I walked into the classroom before advisory and I go, "I'm back!" All the female students went crazy and were like, "OH MY GOSH! You're back!" They all gave me hugs. I missed my advisory kids so much. My MT wanted me to come back today because it was fire pit Friday and this way the students could ask me questions. So, for the fire pit question they were able to ask me any question. I got questions like "Did you find a job?" to "What's your dating life like?" I was asked if I missed them and I said yes. I told them the story of how I came home and once I walked through the door I started bawling. The one student who was at the locker earlier that I meant "balling" as in playing basketball and started laughing. When we all realized why he was laughing I couldn't help but laugh really hard at it. One of my students also told me that when I come back I need to make my oatmeal cookies again. They loved them.

After advisory I stood in the hall and all my former students were going crazy because I was back. I got so many hugs. That pretty much happened in between each class. During class it felt like it used to. I went around and helped the students out with their OGT prep work.

During the student of the week lunch I was talking to some of the teachers catching up on things. One of the other interns said that one of the students said that they other two interns and the math teacher dress boring, not like me and the English teacher. Haha. I'm guessing my clothes made an impact. I think that helps a lot though with rapport with students, especially the girls.

My MT said that he was getting used to life without me, but having me back was a sigh of relief. Later he told me he is going to expect his next intern to be like me. I hope they aren't better! Haha!

My mentor teacher had this poster made for me. When I get my own classroom I'm hanging it up to remind myself that they were the reason I love teaching.

I finally received the book that my one student made and had students write letters to me. I was supposed to get it before I left but since there was a fire drill she didn't have a chance to give it to me. I'm going to share some of my favorites:

"Merry Christmas Ms. Albert. I will miss you dearly and especially all the help in class (20 questions a day) but most of all how nice you were to me. Love, _____"

"I have had a great semester with you this year. I enjoyed my time with you. We laughed all the time together and you believed that I could achieve higher things than I settle for. I will miss you as my teacher, adviser and a friend."

"I'm going to miss you so much Ms. Albert! Everyday I came to school you managed to put a smile on my face. You're one of the best student teachers I ever had. We'll see you later :) (I refuse to say good bye). Sincerely, your fav"

This one is a poem one of my students wrote for me: "She is a sweetheart from the moment she start teacher, as nervous as she was from day one, she still got the work done. She but still joked around with students and had fun. Now that you're leaving the class will never be the same. I remember the first day when we played the name game and I called you Miss Avacado because that's what you liked. We spent almost four months together, and we all miss you. Hope you succeed and come visit us every once and a while."

"I will always miss you. You was one of my favorite teachers. You was funny and helped a lot. Gave me chances others teachers wouldn't have so I will always love and miss you favorite."

"Dear Ms. Albert, You are one of the coolest teachers I ever met. You always find a way to relate to everyone. I will miss you."

"Dear Ms. Albert, I'm going to miss you greatly and I think we'll all go nuts with Mr. _______ now! I think you're the best almost teacher ever and you have killer style. You are the only teacher who hasn't given me a DT. So thanks and I wish you the best, and who ever will have you as a teacher will be lucky. Never forget me!"

"I will miss you dearly. But kinda mad you didn't come to any of my games." -That one made me laugh really hard.

"You know I've loved you since day one! I will truly miss you, and hope that you will come back often so that we may be blessed with your presence again. You are a good teacher and will educate your students well as you did for me. Thank you, love you."

"You will be missed. Love you, Ms. Albert. P.S. Keep on the fashion cause I love yours."

I did not realize there were so many I loved. There were more I loved too, but I don't want to bore you. Anyways, this book is going to be great to have especially my first few years of teaching when things get really hard. I'll just pull it out and be reminded of them. :)

Later today I went to Yagoot with my good friend Katy. It was nice to sit and talk with her. Then we walked around Bed, Bath and Beyond and made fun of all the weird things they have in there because it's something we like to bond over. Haha!

Finally, I got a hair cut yesterday. I needed it, plus I wanted to see Christine one last time (and actually have her cut my hair for once because I've been wanting her to do it). I'm posting a before and after picture. As you can tell I took pictures on two different days!


  1. i've been lucky enough to sub @ hamilton and i'm SO glad that i have because i don't know what i'd do if i didn't get to see the student often :) it was SO hard when break ended and i knew that they were back to school and i was just at home...i'm so happy that you got to go back!!! are you subbing/working at all?

    i LOVE your haircut!

    1. I haven't started subbing yet. I've applied places, but I haven't heard anything back. But I also just applied since I had to come back to Cleveland a few times for my mom. So as of now I'm just continuing to work my part time job. :/


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